GANDIKAP CO LTD provides complete horse travel documentation including arranging customs formalities and health certificates for ground and air horse transportation.


Customs and veterinary clearance of horses from Chili



GANDIKAP Co Ltd arranged reception of the famous national Chilean equestrian group "Escuadra Equestre de Palmas de Penaflor".

The horses took part at the "Spasskaya Tower" festival in Red square in front of the Kremlin in Moscow in September 2017.

The riders had national costumes on and demonstrated "gaucho" rural riding style


Numerous items of special equipment were thoroughly inspected by the customs officers, each piece separately


The procedure of the customs clearance was complicated and required assistance of a representative fron the Chilean embassy in Moscow. The guests from Chili who frequently travel in the world with their equestrian show appreciated the level of the procedure of reception/departure of the horses